To create relationships that are managed with integrity, trust, and respect.  Whether it is product, investment, or logistic support that is required by our partners, Triple 888 will add value by facilitating solutions.

Import Export of Agriculture Products

We are passionate about establishing relationships with both the producers of Canadian agricultural products, and the customers who need them.  We find markets!  We work with individuals within the industry to tailor products for specific needs.  Our strength is acknowledging opportunity and aligning resources to ensure efficient, effective, and reliable product movement to awaiting markets.

Prairie pile-up


ANTIPATHY between the grain farmers on Canada’s prairie provinces and the country’s railway duopoly has a long history. As long ago as 1915, a cartoonist depicted Canadian Pacific and Canadian National as two men milking a cow labelled Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The relationship has come a cropper again.



Grain Production in Canada


Canada is by far the major exporter of hard (durum) wheat, and its average annual exports amount to nearly three million tonnes, or 48% of total world exports.  Algeria and Italy have traditionally been Canada’s two largest customers in this area, but demand from the United States has been growing steadily since the early 1990s.



The Canadian Beef Advantage


Canada is a place where the air, water, and land are all in balance, with an abundance of wide open spaces and fresh clean water perfect for raising cattle. Canada's cool climate means the selection of cattle breeds isn't limited to cattle which tolerate high heat conditions (which can result in potentially reduced carcass quality).



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